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Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

Don’t you just love Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments??

My plan was to make a rustic garland for my fireplace mantel. I decided to use these little wooden trees that I picked up last year from Dollar Tree. However, as I was working on them they just sort of morphed into these adorable DIY  Farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments. I can’t wait to hang up on my tree this year. These are so easy to make it’s almost sickening. (not really but you get it. ?)

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What you will need…

Wooden tree cutouts.

Wooden Beads I get them from Amazon. I use the 20mm

Mod Podge you can use my DIY Mod Podge recipe found here

Jute rope or twine.

Tissue Paper, napkins, or whatever you want to use to cover your wooden trees


Piece of plastic wrap or a sandwich baggie

Fine grit sandpaper.

A yarn needle or tape

How to make the wooden Christmas tree ornaments.

After opening the package and laying out all the tree cut-outs. I applied a thick even coat of mod podge to one side of a tree cutout. (repeat this process for all 5 tree cutouts.)

after first coat has been applied and has dried

Start by placing a piece of tissue paper over the tree cutout.

Before rubbing out the wrinkles, be sure to wrap your finger with plastic wrap.  This little trick helps to remove all the bubbles and wrinkles without tearing the tissue paper. (I know it sounds crazy, but it really works, give it a try.)? After that,  Sit it aside to dry and move on to the next tree cutout until they are all covered and smooth and dry.

Now, it’s time to apply the next coat of Mod Podge.  A thin even coat works best, then set aside to dry and move on to the next cutout.  If you prefer to add another layer of Mod Podge make sure the previous layer is completely dry first. ✔?

Now Let’s wrap up this project!

Next, sand the edges of the cut out to remove the pieces of tissue paper hanging over.  This makes nice smooth edges. *Tip: you can use a fingernail emery board to sand any hard to reach areas that you can’t get with the sandpaper.

Don’t forget to poke through the tissue paper covering the hole that is already in the tree cut out, with something pointy.

rough edges after second coat of Mod Podge
see the difference in the edges after sanding?


Now, taking my jute twine I measured out a long piece and fed it through the hole at the top of the tree cut out.

Next, pull both ends of the jute up even and held them in one hand and fed them through the end of the yarn needle.  Tip: you can use a piece of tape wrapped around the tip of your jute to help feed it through the hole in the bead. Finally,  I put the yarn needle through the hole in each of my beads. Then I just tied a knot at the end of the jute and that’s it.

Guess What?…

You now have some adorable DIY Farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments to hang on your tree or wherever you would like to give a little whimsical touch to your Christmas décor.

so cute when finished.

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