This Farmhouse Chicken Decor Unfinished Wood Cutout is so much fun to paint and put together. Style her with your favorite paint colors and fabrics to give her a personalized look. Lean her against the wall or hang her up, either way she will be the hightlight of your farmhouse decor.

It holds paint well and is very easy to paint and decorate.  Add your owm personal touches like fabrice or craft paper to give her some style and attitude.  You will have so much fun creating her, and you won’t belive how easy it is to put togher. We have made it very easy for you to know where every piece gets glued on, by scoring lines on the surface to act as your guide to putting it together.

It is made of 1/8 thick unfinished MDF wood and measures 13 3/8″ H x 9 3/4″ W  It comes with all the all the necessary pieces for you to paint and glue together to complete the look.  Paint and glue not provided.

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