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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal Part 2

I hope you loved part 1 of the diy rustic farmhouse decor I posted last week.  DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal Part 1

I know I kept you waiting long enough on part 2 so here it is! Rustic Farmhouse Pedestool Pt.2  

In this tutorial I painted and distressed a metal candle stick that I picked up at a thrift store. Candlesticks are one of my key items to look for at thrift stores. They are so versatile and can be used and decorated in so many ways!!

Painting and Distressing…

So, after I gave it a base coat of Waverly Chalk paint in the color White. I used a smaller brush and Waverly Chalk paint in the color INK. Next, I dipped just the tips of my brush in the paint. I offloaded it so there is barely any paint on the brush. Dabbing onto a plate that I was using for a pallet and the craft paper on my desk. I know messy huh. ?‍♀️ The paint on the brush should look dull and dry.  With a light hand, I work in one direction, I apply the paint in random areas of my metal candlestick. Just as I did before in part 1 with the metal container.

After that, I used some sponges that I get from Amazon and Dollar Tree. I cut them into ¼’s so they are easier to work with. Now, I just used some Waverly Chalk paint in the color INK and got some paint on my sponge, then I offloaded the paint that is on my sponge, just use something to get the excess paint off the sponge. If you have ever done the dry brushing technique, you know what I mean. Once I got my sponge offloaded, I began by lightly dabbing paint all over the surface of the pedestal. I turn my sponge a bit each time, just to make it look distressed and natural. Oh, and make sure you let your paint completely dry after each paint process, so you don’t get any smearing or mixing of colors. Trust me I know!! ?‍

Putting it all together…

Once everything was completely dry, I used some E6000 around the edges and then went over that with my hot glue. I attached it to the bottom of the metal container.  The E-6000 helps to give it a good secure, long lasting hold, but it takes 24 hrs. at least for it to completely bond, so I use the hot glue to give it a quick temporary hold while the E-6000 sets up.

And that’s it!!! You have a beautiful Farmhouse décor piece that you can display in your home all year long and decorate it many ways.

I hope you enjoyed this project and tutorial. Please leave me some feedback on what you think!
Thanks so much!

Since Waverly paint is exclusive to Walmart and may be difficult to find, here are some alternatives you can use that I recommend:

and here are the sponges I used you can’t beat the price of the  Dollar Tree Sponges especially when you can cut them up into chunks and use them for lots of projects. 

DIY Crafts farmhouse home decor rustic and primative

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal Part 1

I love how this DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal turned out.

This is part one of two video series where I show you just how to go from shiny and new to rustic and farmhouse.  You could even say it resembles an enameled piece. This would also look great with the crackle effect as well. You can check out my DIY Crackle Effect Post where I show you just how to do it.

I don’t know about you but I love to use chalk paint on most of my craft projects, why you ask…Well mainly because of the consistency of chalk paint.  Most chalk paints have a thick matte chalky consistency that’s generally thicker than acrylic.  So most of the time your projects only need one coat.  So if you only use acrylic and don’t have chalk paint, now worries! You can easily make your own with just a few supplies. One you already have.

So here’s what you will need..

Acrylic paint my go to is Apple Barrel  you can also find it at most craft stores and Walmart.

For this next item there are a few things that some other like to use in their DIY Chalk paint but I prefer to use Calcium Carbonate

That’s about it! Mix some paint and a few tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate together and stir until it’s as thick as chalk paint and waluah you have Chalk paint.   Of Course if you don’t want to make your own and would just prefer to buy chalk paint. My go to is Waverly Acrylic Chalk paint.  This is sold exclusively at Walmart Stores only!

So you will need some brushes and sponges I love to use these sponges because I can cut them up into smaller sections and get a lot more use out of them.

So now that you have your paint and sponges, grab a couple of brushes and  your ready to get started with making this beautiful DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pedestal!

Begin by squeezing some of the chalk paint out onto a flat pallet.  Dip your sponge into the paint and off load it.  Once you have it off loaded you can start lightly tapping all over the metal flower container covering it entirely. Once it’s completely covered let it dry all the way before you move on. At this point you may need to add a second coat of paint. You can see in the video, I only needed a single coat and it turned out covering great.

Now that your paint is dry you will need just a little bit of black paint.  Take a old well used paint brush and trim the bristles down with scissors until they short and stubbly.  You don’t want to go to short, but just enough where they don’t bend much.  This is the type of brush I use for dry brushing. it’s perfect for the short light strokes you use when dry brushing.

Dip your brush in your black paint and then off load it onto a paper towel or piece of cardboard.  With a very light hand begin by making light strokes in one direction over the surface of the white paint.  Do this in the areas around the edges and top and bottom and don’t forget to do the sides.

Now just let it dry and there you have it.  You can use this metal flower container just as it.  If you want to see what I do with mine, come back next week for part 2!


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