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Best DIY Mod Podge Recipe

Have you ever had that moment when You run out of Mod Podge right in the midst of your crafting marathon??? Frustrating Right?


Well, guess what?  I have a great solution for you.  I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY Mod podge, with a few simple ingredients that you probably already have around your home. So no more stopping in the middle of your crafting spree and having to run to the craft store just to get more Mod Podge so you can continue with your project.  Yay!!  Call me a superhero now because I know I’m about to save your day!! ?‍?

So first let me tell you what you will need and then I’ll give you the steps to take to make this quick and easy crafting staple to keep for those emergency refills.

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Supply List

Here’s what you will need to make your own DIY Mod Podge….

One medium-size bottle of school glue…Just swipe the one you bought for the kids to take to school and then never did!! ?


Best Value for your buck
This one is the best value for your buck

A container of some sort to keep your DIY Mod Podge in. (preferably something that seals well so it does not dry out) I like the glass jars I have pictured here.

4oz jar
4oz jar tight seal jars

A small amount of distilled water. You just want enough water to thin the consistency of the glue a bit so that it’s not thick and easier to spread than normal school glue would be.

Distilled Water
Distilled Water


Something to stir your with unless you prefer to just shake it!! ?

See just a few ingredients and you’re on your way to saving the day!! Hallelujah?

Now let’s make your DIY Mod Podge

First, I suggest you remove the cap from the bottle of glue. Trying to squeeze it all out of the little hole in the tip can get messy, but it’s totally up to you. We are crafting and crafting is messy!  Pour the glue into the container that you chose to store you DIY Mod Podge in.

Next, add just the tiniest bit of water to the glue (distilled water is best).

If you prefer the stirring method, then you will need a plastic spoon or a craft stick or anything that you can either wash or throw in the trash after using it.

So, begin by giving it a good stir as you add a small (I mean really small) amount of water. I like to use my spoon for this. Continue stirring and adding a small amount of water at a time until the Mod Podge is thin but not runny. This is the best consistency for spreading the Mod Podge evenly on your surface.


If you are just going to shake your container of Mod Podge you can skip this step and after the previous step add your lid to the container and shake to your heart’s content! (make sure to randomly stop shaking and check the consistency of your DIY Mod Podge.) Once it’s to the right consistency you can stop shaking the container.

  • A tip I use to check the consistency of the Mod Podge is to hold your spoon downward over the container and let the Mod Podge drizzle off of your spoon. If it runs off quickly then your Mod Podge is too thin and you should add more glue, if it runs too slowly then you should add more water and continue shaking/stirring after either of these two steps.


Finished DIY Mod Podge
Here’s what it should look like when finished.

Now you can place your lid on your container and…

That’s it!  DIY Mod Podge to the rescue!


That’s all you need to make your own DIY Mod Podge. (Don’t forget to label your lid or container so you know what’s in there when you get ready to use it?)

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